About the Artist: Ralph Serrano is an artist from Puerto Rico who is a muralist and canvas painter. His murals are across NYC, Latin America, and Puerto Rico. Ralph and his work was featured in several mainstream media news outlets, including Fox, CBS, “CBS This Morning with Anthony Mason,” and the New York Post.
Purpose: Design and implement a website to showcase Ralph's artwork and his recent media attention that reflects Ralph's brand and makes the artwork pop. As well as create a friendly user experience and responsive design. 
Tech Stack: I used the WIX website builder because it has a great intuitive builder, perfect for my client to add to the site continuously. I also used Figma to create the wireframe for the project, and I also used Canva to create my style guide. 
This image is the low-fidelity wireframe that I created to layout my idea for his website. My goal was to create a clean and organized portfolio website that really showcased his work. I wanted the users to feel like they are at a gallery exhibit while viewing Ralph's work. 
This image is the style guide that I created for the website. I chose the colors that best reflect the artist's artistic style. I also chose black for the background to create a gallery feel, making the art pieces stand out. I chose a sans serif font, Verdana for the body, subtitle, header text, and a serif font, Stencil for the artist's last name. 

Feel free to click on this image above to view the live site. The artist decided to change and add more fonts onto his website after receiving the finished website from me, 

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