About the company: Flaco Coquito is a small liquor company in NYC. Their Coquito is dairy-free, gluten-free and all-natural. Coquito is a coconut rum drink from the island of Puerto Rico. The founder created this version of Coquito to cater to those with dietary needs and make a healthier version. 
Purpose: Design the site to be more engaging, increase traffic, and reflect the brand identity. As well as make the design more cohesive and create a friendly user experience.
My Changes: Right off the bat, I wanted to showcase how this "Skinny Coquito," differs from the more traditional Coquito prevalent in the culture of Puerto Rico. I also wanted to organize and create a style guide so that the colors/font did not take away from the brand and confuse users. 
Tech Stack: I used WIX website builder, Adobe Illustrator to create style guides, Adobe Photoshop
the website before re-design
Style Guide

These are the colors that I used for the website. I chose the blue so that it represents the ocean, paradise and the color of the bottle is also blue. I chose orange because it correlates to the logo; it represents the sunset behind the Flaco Coquito girl. For white, I chose to use it for the text because the background color of the website is blue and white has a nice contrast. Black is also used in certain areas for text, that has a white background. 


I chose three font families; Noto Serif SC, was used on the Flaco Coquito bottle label, I chose this font for the navigation menu and headings. As well as Avenir as a great sans-serif for sub-titles and as a great contrast to the Noto Serif font. The third font is Raleway, I chose another sans-serif font as a great font for the body text. 

This is the new and improved Flaco Coquito website. Feel free to click on the image and check out the live website for yourself!

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